Juice Cleanse Day 2 Report

Spicy LemonadeI am feeling better than I was this morning.  I woke up a little shaky but things improved.

It has been a weird day of feeling totally wound up and yet also spaced out.  It’s like my brain is completely clear behind a fuzzy haze.  It’s weird.

I am not that hungry.  Usually when I feel hungry it is time for more juice.  No upset stomach today.  Woo Hoo!  My body likes the juice.

This was a big day which started off with delivering my first official negative performance review followed by 5 hours with the internal audit team.  Sounds great, right?  Even better when you have not eaten solid food in over a day?  Not as bad as you think.  The fuzzy haze is kind of like having a buzz so stuff does not bother you as much.  It’s weird.

I can totally handle one more day (but glad it is only one)!

Today I am featuring the spicy lemonade.  My bottle says 4 on it.  It is my late afternoon pick me up.  Nothing like a little Cayenne pepper to hold you over to #5.  In about an hour, I get another cashew milk juice.  Yay!!!


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