TiVo Spring Cleaning

The original title for this blog was “Breaking Up with Television Shows” but it took me so long to get to it, it’s now officially spring!  So now it’s time for some spring cleaning on my TiVo.  I have WAY to many shows accumulating. I literally can’t watch all of this stuff and I have other things I should be doing with my time (remember why I started this blog many years ago?)  I am having a hard time letting go.  Will I be missing something?  What if everyone else is talking about a show and I am out of the loop? This show has huge buzz, shouldn’t I be watching it? What if I change my mind and its gone forever?

I am so relieved when a show that I am so-so about is cancelled. Its like being in a relationship that should end, but you don’t want to hurt the other person, so you keep going until THEY break up with you. Unfortunately, none of these shows is going to break up with me any time soon so I will have to take matters in to my own hands or I will drown in television. If I would actually rather watch The Bachelor than some other show in my TiVo (a) I do realize there might be something wrong with me (b) the show is probably expendable. If I REALLY regret it, I can catch back up on it when I am 80 and have nothing better to do. In the age of streaming, nothing is gone forever. (There, now I feel better.)

Here is what will be removed from my TiVo by the time you read this blog:

Madam Secretary – I think Tea Leoni is awesome. I want to hang out with Tea but it feels like a chore to watch this show.

Empire is kicking ass and is now one of the top 10 network TV shows in America. I did watch the first few episodes and the music is awesome, but the show is average, at best.

Once Upon a Time is past its prime with me. In the beginning I thought the mythology of bringing all of these fairy tales together with this mystery was pretty cool. I’m over it. Hook is hot and I will miss him, but this one also has to go..

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – I did painfully get through this first season but I can’t bring it back next season. I actually liked it in the beginning but it seemed to take a dive about when Janeane Garofalo left. 

The Following – I started to watch the first episode of this season…but I’m done.  Sorry Kevin Bacon. You are a dude.

The Blacklist – James Spader is fun in this show, but I find myself completely disinterested in these criminals. I am not digging it.

There is still too much on the list, including a few new shows that I have not even checked out yet and should not really bring in to the fold (The Slap, Secrets and Lies, American Crime)…and I have to watch this true crime drama The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst that just ended and is waiting for me, and I added two new shows that are staying (Better Call Saul and Broad City..hilarious.) See how I have a hard time letting go?  Sigh…well, this is a start!

UPDATE: I started watching The Slap and it’s good….luckily this one is a “television event” like a long mini-series so it is not a huge commitment. (Phew!)


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