Hello Again, It’s Time for Fall TV

Clearly, I fell out of the habit of blogging. Last you heard from me I was feeling great on my birthday and shortly after cleaned out my TiVo.  Then I went dark.  What’s been going on for the past six months? Reorganizations, layoffs, a promotion, crazy work projects, a new boss, yoga in Croatia, time with friends and family, some summer dating, a re launch of my daily meditation and yoga practice and just today, I kicked off a 14-day cleanse (which I am already starting to regret after shake #1).

As busy and “not in to blogging” as I have been, it just seemed wrong for the Recovering TV-a-holic to ignore the start of the fall TV season.  I certainly got in enough TV this summer, August and early September has been consumed by:

  • Big Brother – I just can’t quit this one, but looking forward to it being over and never seeing annoying Vanessa again (she better not win although she probably deserves to).
  • Bachelor in Paradise – it fascinates me how ridiculous people can be on TV and how much I can enjoy watching it
  • Mr Robot – after hearing SO much about it, I PAID to catch up on this on Amazon. It was awesome. Totally worth it.
  • Fear the Walking Dead – how can there be ANOTHER walking dead show, you ask? Well, there can be and it is just as fun to watch. Although I am super stressed out for them because I know what is coming next, and they don’t quite get it yet (grab all of the food and water you can, charge your cell phones but don’t get too attached to them, and take a shower! Its going to get really bad!)
  • Fargo – just started catching up on Season 1. This is a really good (and quirky show). Billy Bob Thornton knocks is out of the park.  There is a season 2 coming (with all new characters I think). Worth a watch.
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians/I am Cait? – I got a little obsessed with watching the last season of Bruce before he transitioned to Caitlin. I think I liked Bruce more than I like Caitlin. She’s a little full of herself.

So I cleaned out my TiVo and then spent most of my summer watching crap, now what?

Entertainment Weekly’s fall TV issue failed me. I really just want someone to tell me what is good and they didn’t do much of that . The produced an advertisement issue for every show on the fall TV schedule. Maybe that means it is all crap? I have done a lot of looking around and as usual there is lots of contradictory advice about what is good and what isn’t.  And I have learned that what I like (Rubicon, Fringe) is not always aligned with what the rest of America likes (Empire, anything CSI).  I did find this one list in the Journal Star in Lincoln, Nebraska that ranked the new shows from best to worst. For some reason I trust them (maybe because I was just so desperate for a list!) so I am going to keep an eye on this and see if we can trust these guys in the future!

These shows I might actually like…not that I need more shows:

  • The Grinder – Rob Lowe and good reviews. Enough said.
  • My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – comedy, romance, musical!
  • Blindspot – a woman with tattoos all over her body shows up with amnesia? This I have to see
  • Life in Pieces – Modern Family meets Parenthood.  Not many 30 minute comedies stay on my list but they are good fillers for when you are not quite ready for bed but not committed to a whole hour and this one looks cute (
  • Heroes Reborn – this is not getting good reviews but I loved Heroes and Chuck (is in it!)
  • The Man in High Castle – this is streaming on Amazon (thank god) so I can watch it later but it looks fascinating. What is the Nazi’s had one the first world war?

These shows I am dubious about but curious….I may just record them and wait to see if they really catch on, so I don’t waste my time, but also don’t miss anything

  • Limitless – I miss Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter (she’s in it) and the Lincoln Nebraska has it on the A list. Maybe worth a look?
  • Quantico – a soapy thriller getting pretty good reviews – which sounds good, but the last thing I need in my life…I am already stuck with How To Get Away with Murder because everyone loves it (but not me so much)
  • Super Girl – its not wonder woman but I would like to see how they do the female super hero in 2015
  • Scream Queens – this one I am curious about, but I am not sure I will love it. Lot’s of buzz. Created by the same guy who did American Horror Story and Glee both of which I have loved at times…
  • The Muppets – I am not really that interested in this…but lots of buzz so I have to check it out

What I have found super helpful this season is  TiVo’s online Fall TV calendar that only people with TiVo will appreciate (and I know there aren’t many of us).  You can directly schedule a one pass on your TiVo from the calendar (TiVo finally caught up to the internet.)

So that’s it!  I managed to bang out a 900+ word blog post. I have no idea if I will be back again in the next six months. Let’s see how it goes!


2 Comments to “Hello Again, It’s Time for Fall TV”

  1. I found your blog randomly and had so much fun reading about your online dating adventures. I am in Phoenix and so much resonated with me. I am dying to know what happened… did you ever find a boyfriend??? I enjoyed your writing… very entertaining!

    • Vanessa, thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you enjoyed reading. I am sorry to say, I have not yet found a boyfriend. I am still on various apps and occasionally get out on dates but so far nothing that has turned in to a real relationship. I am sure I need to pump up the volume to improve my results. I date a bit more than I blog, not not enough. I hope you are having better luck in Phoenix! What is the dating scene like there?

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