Early Summer Round Up

Clearly, I am having a hard time keeping up with the blog. I just haven’t been super inspired to write lately. I thought I would pop in today to update you all on what I have been doing, entertainment wise, since the end of Entertainment Christmas.

I know you’ve been dying to know what I decided on entertainment dilemma #2 – should I watch this season of The Bachelorette? Things were getting a little sparse on my Tivo, so I caved. Emily seemed pretty boring, at first. She is beautiful, in that fake barbie doll way, but she didn’t seem to have much personality. I stuck with it and it got better.  Emily started showing some chutzpah! She is not afraid to let guys go or tell them off, but still displays the on camera tears to give us the impression that she has some heart. I am once again sucked in to the unrealistic romantic adventures of a fabulously dressed woman who has hot men professing their love for her after three dates as she gallivants around the world making out with all of them. Good times and so not like anyone’s real life.

On the flip side, I watched Downton Abbey Season 2 in one week. Loved it.  Also so unlike anyone’s real life. Now that I think of it, not the flip side at all. How DO I manage to keep up my 600 square foot apartment without a full staff? I struggle through zipping up my own dresses, pouring my own wine, and getting myself around town without a driver. I do dress for dinner, although usually in my PJs. The lesson here is that crazy drama can happen anywhere. Even in a house full of people who’s only purpose seems to be to keep up their own house and look good. (Kind of like the Real Housewives!)  Can’t wait to see what next season holds for the Crawley/Grantham’s (isn’t that confusing? why do they have two names?) Apparently Shirley McClaine will go head to head with Maggie Smith. Bring it on!

What else? Falling Skies is back. It’s getting better.  The aliens abducted Noah Wiley for three months and now he is back but we don’t know how he was impacted.  That’s a Sci Fi mystery. His son seems to be some kind of alien sleeper with super human strength. Hmm.. The group is now headed to Charleston where they hear there is hot water and government. Woo hoo!

I am drudging my way through book two of Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s OK, not great. I am curious to see what happens, with “Fifty” and Anastasia, I guess.  I mostly want to finish up book two so I can read Gone Girl, which I have heard is gripping. Andersen Cooper just finished it.  He loved it.  Then maybe I will come back to book three. Or maybe not.

I watched three flicks that I really liked in the past month: Extremely Loud Incredibly Close (which had me sobbing), War Horse (also a bit sentimental and I liked it more than I thought I would), and The Artist (great movie). I also watched about 75% of Rise of the Planet of the Apes which I hated so much I couldn’t finish it.

On the 4th of July I was entertained by ten adorable children doing a birthday rap followed by a mini dance party for one of my BFFs.  That might have been my favorite entertainment since Game of Thrones. Watching a four year old unexpectedly break out the robot, is pretty hard to top.


Key Takeaways From The Golden Globes

I am in to speed blogging now on the IPad. I don’t have the patience to write much on this touchpad but I also don’t have time to say much.

Here are some things I could have live tweeted as I watched the Golden Globes but instead decided to share in “career girl” bullet points. (Someone recently referred to me as a “career girl”. I guess that’s kinda what I am.)

(Just learned how to do bullet points on the IPad. Go me!)

  • Ricky Gervais is hilarious
  • Homeland!!!!!! Enough said. Eventually, everyone must see this show.
  • I have to watch this Downtown Abbey show.
  • There are many movies I need to see, I now know that Midnight in Paris is one of them. I was not aware. Not a huge Woody fan but I will give it a shot.
  • Madonna does not look as “plastic surgeryish” as I thought she would.
  • Ashton Kutcher’s shorter hair looks sweet, but I am now Team Demi.
  • Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe, and surprisingly Dustin Hoffman were looking very orange.
  • Did I mention how much I loved Mildred Pierce? Check it out on DVD. I do like my HBO miniseries’.
  • I am running out of bullet points. I guess I am getting kinda bored.
  • How beautiful is Jodie Foster? And she brought her sons, so cute.
  • Love Jessica Lange’s look. All black and all natural. Classy. And hello…American Horror Story. I told you!!!
  • Not a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tie die dress. Watch for it on the worst dressed lists, along with Emma Stone’s purple and fuscia thing with an eagle.
  • Interesting facial hair choices, Bradley.
  • Octavia Spencer for The Help, most touching moment so far.
  • Reese looks fabulous. Doesn’t she always?
  • What’s this Hugo movie? Do I have to watch that too?
  • Wait, does Jessica Biel have a 1950’s bathing suit bottom on under her see through dress?
  • Meryl Streep might be the best actress of all time and super cool, but she has horrible fashion sense and Rooney Mara should have won.
  • I am realizing now that I have to stay up for the whole thing…I am almost there.
  • Maybe next weekend I should check out The Decendents instead of working all weekend! And perhaps I will summarize in “career girl” bullet points.

Margin Call and The Mentalist

I saw Margin Call last night.  LOVED it.  Kind of like the way I felt about Jane Eyre, which is weird, because they are completely different movies.

Margin Call is a fictional take on what could have happened the 24 hours before the downward spiral of the financial world a few years back.  I tried to watch Too Big To Fail, but it didn’t keep my interest.  I had that documentary about the financial crisis for a like a month (back when I had Netflix, sigh. I miss it.)  Never watched it.

This movie was different. It was suspenseful, even though you pretty much knew what was going to happen, you didn’t know what the characters would decide to do or how they would react. (I didn’t anyway).  It moved at exactly the right pace (MG, who I saw it with, thought it dragged a bit.  I thought it could have kept going).  They broke down the issue of over-leveraging mortgage back securities several times and explained it so clearly that even a Golden Retriever could understand (that’s from a line in the movie.  I don’t normally incorporate dogs in to anything). It was extremely well acted by peeps like Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci , Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore – who looked refreshingly real and not airbrushed, Sylar from Heroes – who coincidentally came out of the closet the week before the movie opened, Dan from Gossip Girl, and The Mentalist.

It’s always about the characters for me (and I like my suspense, so it was cool that this had both). The super smart young kid who just wants to work with numbers and likes the money but likes the intellectual challenge more. The superficial kid who just cares about the money and prestige. The CEO who makes the decision that will bring down the markets and betray his customers to save his own skin even though he has more money than god. The guy who’s dog dies the morning before this all happens and is the most torn up about it all, but goes along anyway. The guy who figured out it was all going to pot, but got fired right before he could solve the last piece of the puzzle.  This guy, they talk in to coming back to the office (so he won’t spill the beans while they spend the day selling worthless assets)  by offering him a ridiculous amount of money.  You actually think he might not cave, but he does. (spoiler alert…too late.)

They literally kept handing out tons of cash to people to get them to go along with this plan.  It was madness.  This movie is really like an anthem to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  I do wonder how many people standing out there in the freezing cold rain today, would really turn down the opportunity to make that much money.  I won’t go there.  I’m not that kind of blogger.

Speaking of The Mentalist (because I am that kind of blogger). I have been watching quite a bit of it lately. I checked out the first episode of this season and was completely confused so I went back to catch up on last season, which I had conveniently saved on my old Tivo.  It got really awesome at the end of last season.  OMG!  The guy from West Wing (otherwise known as Bradley Whitford) was sort of kind of Red John for a minute (turns out he wasn’t thank god, so the show can go on).  That scene in the mall where they meet face to face, was awesome.  Kind of ridiculous that Jane got off scott free for murder, but this is high level mediocre drama we are talking about here.  In all fairness, since I am really watching it, the show needs to get bumped back up to the top 10.  Luckily Whitney is wearing on me so I can make room.

Jane Eyre. Loved It.

My second to last Netflix movie was Jane Eyre (2011).  I loved this movie.

How have I lived my whole life and not known this classic story? Wikipedia tells me that there was a 1996 movie version which I may have seen.  If I did, I clearly did not love it since it has been stripped from my memory. I think I would remember reading a super long novel from the 1800s but who knows.

This movie version stars Mia Wasikowska (amazing in In Treatment season 1, Alice in the recent Alice in Wonderland, and the daughter in The Kids are Alright) and Dame Judi Dench (and other people I don’t know, like this British due to the right).

The movie starts out as a mystery (the whole story is a mystery to me of course, or I just don’t remember it).  Jane is running from something but you have no idea what it is.  You see flashbacks to her horrible childhood in the 1830’s where everyone around her is evil and treats her horribly and as a result she grows in to a highly moral woman.  She is also smart and independent, but feels trapped since women of her time have few choices (and she has no cash).

Jane leaves her horrible school where her horrible aunt left her and becomes the governess for a young girl who is in the care of a man named Mr. Rochester (who may or may not be the girls father which does not seem to be relevant to the story).  Mr. Rochester is a mysterious, handsome, and sometimes grumpy man.  Jane and he fall in love.  Mr. Rochester rejects a boring trivial rich woman for Jane the governess because he loves Jane’s soul (how awesome is that?)  Something does seem off with Mr. Rochester though (more mystery).  You find out what it is (I won’t ruin it for the three people who don’t know this story) and it makes the man more awesome in my eyes, but to Jane, is was an untruth and just enough of “not right” that she can not stay with him.

It’s horrible and heart wrenching for both of them.  So sad.

Jane runs away in tears and wanders aimlessly in the rain and cold and eventually ends up being taken in by a family of religious people who take care of her and give her a job.  The brother of the clan (named St. John and a preacher of some kind)   wants her to go to Africa with him and insists that she be his wife.  She agrees to go but refuses to be his wife and his reaction shows that this supposedly moral, religious man is an a*&.  This makes her realize that things are not black and white (my interpretation of her thoughts) and that she can’t live without Mr. Rochester and returns to find him.

Some sad things have happened to Mr. Rochester while she was away, but they also leave him free to marry her.  They are reunited and it is awesome.

Loved this movie.

And that is my interpretation of this classic early feminist novel by Charlotte Bronte.

Burlesque & My Love Affair With Cher

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Cher.  Loved the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and The Cher Show when I was little.  When I was in 2nd grade, I had a Cher doll with a stage and a dressing room.  In the dressing room, you could slip outfits on cardboard behind the “mirror” and it somehow looked like the Cher “barbie doll” was wearing the outfit.  I can’t believe I found this entertaining, but I was 8.  Cher was the epitome of funny, beautiful, and cool.

When I turned 40, my sister and two of my best friends from college went to Vegas with me to see Cher.  It was amazing.  We were in the 7th row singing the words to every song.  She puts on outfits, has over the top stage production, struts around, and sings.  She’s Cher.

I still think she is funny, beautiful, and cool.  Sure, she has had lots of plastic surgery and I only see her with tons of makeup on in “just the right light”, but she’s Cher.  She has a self deprecating sense of humor that cracks me up. (Watch her most recent interview with David Letterman where this is on display here.) There is something about her essence that I just dig.  If I met her in real life, it would probably be a disaster, but that is not going to happen, so I can just love her from a far and think she is cool. Just because.

Given my love for all things Cher, I had to see her new movie Burlesque as soon as I possibly could.  Family obligations kept me from going the day it opened, but I checked it out today.  Loved it!  It is a good movie? Not really.  The plot is predictable and not that interesting.  The dialog is pretty bad, but the acting was pretty good (Christina Aguilera is the worst of the lot but holds her own). I think they were more interested in the musical production than the plot. It kind of felt like a bigger and better Coyote Ugly with MUCH better and much MORE music (although I must admit, “Can’t Stop the Moonlight” is part of my music collection.)  The music and dance numbers were fabulous.  I love listening to Cher sing (and she does have a couple of numbers in the movie that I liked), but Christina’s voice gives me chills and she did not disappoint.  She has pipes!  Cher was her awesome self (although only in about 37 minutes of the 116 minute movie, according to the LA Times).   She got to tell people to F*& off (which she does so well,) shed a few dramatic tears, and just be cool (even though her dialog was horrible.)  Stanley Tucci was adorable. Cam Gigandet was HOT.

Highly entertaining overall as long as you except the fact that his movie will not change your life or inspire you to do anything besides maybe sing in the shower or think about taking dance lessons.   I recommend Burlesque if you are a fan of movie musicals, Cher, Christina Aguilera, or watching hot women dance around half naked.  That should pretty much cover the entire population, right?