Looking at Rubicon with New Eyes

I read a review on TV Squad today that made me look at Rubicon with new eyes.  The review called Rubicon the “Addictive Anti-24” and the essence of it was that, unlike 24, Rubicon focuses on how the intelligence world impacts the people in it.  On 24, things move fast, and there is not a lot of time spent on how the characters feel about it all.   Rubicon moves slower (sure does!) but really focuses on the characters and what their world does to them as people.  When I read that, it was like a light bulb went off and I could not wait to watch the next episode.

Hard to say how I would have felt if I had not read that review, but who cares, loved this week’s episode. I am worried that the discovery of the “hydra” made Ed Bancroft crazy and could tell that James Badge Dale (Will) was worried too!  (He is such a good guy. And not like vampire Damon good, like REALLY good.)  I am annoyed that Kale ratted out Maggie but believe he did it with the best of intentions and I am pretty sure after seeing the preview for next week that Will forgives her, big time.  I do hope that confusing intelligence project they were working on is over, because I was not in to that, but I definitely want to know what is going on at Atlas McDowell!!  How creepy is that corporate dude/bad friend to Katherine Rhumer.  He deserves to be spied on.  (Although I would love my own executive bathroom).   So glad Tanya is not fired.  Maybe Spangler is not the devil?  Or maybe it is too much of a security leak to ever fire people.

Last week, I was annoyed by the pace and all I could think about was “why does he keep picking up that owl?”  This week, when he was checking out the bug in his apartment (which I noted looks like a mini walkie talkie and thought that was cute) I was thinking, “that is what I would do.  I would not be able to stop thinking about the bug in the owl.  I would think about removing it but would be scared, so I would probably keep opening up the owl to just look at the bug.”  I think this week, he felt so empowered by having the  “phone list” that he finally had the balls to squash one of the bugs.  That was awesome.  Makes me want to go back and buy the owl necklace I saw this weekend that reminded me of Rubicon.

One more thing that the TV Squad review mentioned was that James Badge Dale was on season 3 of 24.  Could not place him.   I IMDBed it.  He played Chase Edmunds, Jack’s partner who was secretly dating Jack’s daughter Kim.  I thought he looked familiar, but there was no way I would place him because his hair is way more bushy now. (This is JBD as Chase Edmunds on the left)

Link to the TV Squad review: ‘Rubicon’ Is the Addictive Anti-’24’:  http://bit.ly/cALMMe


Vampire Diaries is Baaack!

Damon is on the left. Stefan is on the right. See what I'm sayin'?

Vampire Diaries is back and better than ever.  Katherine is shaking things up with the Salvatore brothers who are always on the verge of some immortal crisis.  This is a town that has more hotties than possibly any other show in TV and in rolls another one, Taylor’s uncle who has the same mysterious “curse”  that he does.  Can’t wait to find out what it is!  I was on the edge of my seat when Damon “killed” Jeremy and did not see the magic ring twist coming.   (I should have, my bad.  Jeremy is of course not dead and not a vampire).   A couple of things that make no sense to me.  (1)  I have no idea why anyone would pick Stefan over Damon.  Damon is not only super sexy but also hilarious.  He appears to be an ass, but deep down, we know he is a good guy.  Women love that. But those crazy women, who happen to look exactly alike, both rejected him one after another.   Poor Damon. Come to NYC!!!  We can hang! (2) On True Blood, vampires love their makers and would do anything for them and makers would do anything for the ones they make.  On Vampire Dairies, this bond does not seem to exist.  Crazy vampires.  Who knows what to believe?  What I do know, is that Vampire Diaries is staying on my “must see” list and that Ian Somerhalder (aka Damon) definitely deserved to win Entertainment Weekly’s Sexy Beast contest. (and yes, he was on Lost)